Craft Ice Cream

Craft ice cream means, that our product is not made at an industrial level. We take pride on making our ice cream ourselves. The word expresses that the manufactured product has a certain amount of art. That’s exactly how we understand ice making. As an art.

colourful ice cream banana split ice cream colourful ice cream


We use Heumilch (hay-milk) as the basis for our ice cream. These cows are fed in a very special, traditional way: in summertime, they eat grasses and herbs in the pasture, and in the winter, hay. Naturally, organic hay-milk must comply with the requirements of the EU organic regulation. This means: organically produced food, animal welfare with plenty of space in the barn and pasture. No preventive use of antibiotics and no use of genetic engineering.


Our flavours come from traditional Italian and Argentinian recipes. To make our ice cream unique, we combine high quality milk with ingredients from around the world. We also offer lactose-free and vegan options, including vegan cones.

banana split ice crem

Banana Split

Banana, Dulce de Leche and Chocolate.



Natural vanilla from Madagascar.

dulce de leche ice cream

Dulce de Leche

Delicious Argentinian traditional Dulce de Leche.



Selected fresh peach from the street market.

lime coriander and chilli

Lime, Coriander and Chili

A fresh combination of tasty ingredients.

pineapple and parsley

Pineapple and Parsley

Matured cut Pineapple imported by airplane from Cameroon.

dulce de leche ice cream


We start this ice cream from a beligian chocolate 100%.

dulce de leche ice cream


A milk based ice cream infused in Mate leaves from Argentina.

dulce de leche ice cream


Made with hazelnut from the area of Piemonte, Italy.

dulce de leche ice cream


We bring our Pistacho from the city of Bronte, a city at the foot of the Etna Vulcan, in Sicily, which gives this Pistacho an amazing flavour.

dulce de leche ice cream


A very strong flavored ice cream with 9 spices. It's like having Xmas in your mouth. This flavor is available only from October to February.

dulce de leche ice cream

Baked Sweet potato

We bring these sweet potatoes from Honduras or the USA, we bake them and then transform them in this weird but super yummy ice cream.

dulce de leche ice cream


Made with fresh bananas from Colombia.

dulce de leche ice cream


We squeeze in store the juice of fresh lemons brought from Spain.

dulce de leche ice cream


We make hundreds of espressos in order to make this delicious coffee ice cream.

dulce de leche ice cream


For liquorice lovers, we make it super-strong, with liquorice brought from Calabria, Italy

dulce de leche ice cream

Chocolate with Almonds

The same amazing belgian chocolate 100% but this time with whole almonds. Try this: once you have the ice cream in your mouth, bite on the almond and you will feel the almond's flavour invading the chocolate and changing your whole experience.

dulce de leche ice cream


This is cream is based on the recipe of the real zabaione, a typical italian dessert. It contains Marsala wine, from the city Marsala in Sicily.

dulce de leche ice cream

Fior di latte

The father of all ice creams, the first ice cream created, just a cream ice cream, with no other flavour than the milk and the cream.

dulce de leche ice cream


The typical Stracciatella, a Fior di Latte ice cream "schoked" with Chocolate 60%.
We also do the "schokiert" versions of Dulce de leche, Coffee and Vanilla

dulce de leche ice cream

Fire Chocolate

Based on the same belgian chocolate 100% but with a special sauce of Carolina reappers and Ghost chillies


The possibility to order liters of ice cream is here! Now you can enjoy lots of it with your friends in the park, at your birthday party or while watching your favourite series. We offer several quantity options starting from half a liter.

ice cream being served in a take away package different ice cream flavours in a take away package

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